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Publicis Groupe is committed to diversity and inclusion, from which it draws its creativity. The Groupe is also committed to the development of its employees, no matter what their background or origins, and wants to embody its signature ‘Viva la Difference!’. Training is championed as the best professional development action for everyone.

Championing Inclusive Diversity

The fight against discrimination is an unalterable principle. Present in more than 100 countries across five continents, Publicis Groupe’s energy and creative force is inspired by its multicultural teams. The Groupe has always maintained a deep commitment to respecting differences, and respecting each individual, while conducting a proactive diversity policy based around eight themes: diversity, age, disability, culture or ethnic origins, initial training, sexual orientation, religious practices, and, for the US, veterans. From these shared priorities, every agency carries out its own specific actions within the current local legal frameworks, as evidenced by the numerous peer networks involved (ERGs and BRGs).



Present in more than 15 countries and 25 cities, the VivaWomen! network is open to all women within the Groupe, regardless of hierarchic level or profession. It’s the only international cross-agency network within Publicis Groupe that favours gender diversity and supports the progression of employees. Its work is focused around two key areas: Career Development and integrated work life integration.

Launched in 2010, the VivaWomen! network brings together more than 3500 women supported by Maurice Levy, Publicis Groupe’s Chairman and CEO and Executive sponsor of the network. It operates on a volunteer basis and thanks to the support of the global CSR team in Paris (France) and the Talent and Inclusion team in the USA.

Egalité, the LGBT network and its supporters

Egalité, the LGBT network and its supporters

Egalité (French for Equality and pronounced eh-gah-lee-tay) is the Publicis Groupe employee network for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) professionals and allies. The network is committed to promoting equality in the workplace and supporting the LGBT community. Its programming in the US is focused around advocacy, education, community outreach (internal and external) and business development. Egalité has started to be rolled out in the UK and France.

Developing skills

Faced with the twin challenge of geographical expansion and the digitalization of businesses, Publicis Groupe relies on multiple continuous training schemes to support teams in their professional evolution: certain careers did not even exist two years ago and tomorrow’s jobs have yet to be identified! With a large diversity of profiles, cultures, experiences and generations, the Groupe possesses an agility that must be constantly improved. Training, internal knowledge sharing and intellectual curiosity are assets that must be encouraged.

Continuous training

In 2015

Improving well-being at work

The development of new collaborative ways of working, the incomparable flexibility granted to everyone, particularly through the development of new technologies, and the requirement of our businesses, help us stay alert to the health and wellbeing of our employees. We are particularly vigilant about the implementation of ad hoc prevention systems and where possible, we propose new ways of working.


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