Corporate Social Responsibility

Clients and Partners

Publicis Groupe’s client portfolio is balanced in terms of activity sectors and includes approx. 4000 clients worldwide, who we are extremely proud to support in their development projects.

Responsible communication at the heart of our concerns

Responsible communication and marketing must respect simple rules: honesty, truth, decency, responsibility and respect of everyone. These can be applied with brilliance, inventiveness, intelligence and creativity. Compliance with these standards is essential as it brings the Groupe closer to citizens-consumers voices, and ensures the effectiveness of our message. With the explosion of digital channels and the multiplication of formats, it is essential that these basic rules are respected. Building a responsible communications strategy is achieved by working closely with our clients' values, which brings new angles of approach, both in form and substance. Public endorsement of campaigns is the best recognition (e.g. #LikeaGirl for Always).

Innovation and Partnerships

Innovation and Partnerships

With the acquisition of Sapient in February 2015, the Groupe expanded the spectrum of its services and confirmed the alliance between creativity and technology, an alliance already embodied by the various innovation labs across Publicis Groupe’s network of agencies.

Responsible procurement

Cooperating with clients also means monitoring suppliers. One cannot be done without the other. The Groupe is committed to its CSR Procurement policy to ensure that its suppliers respect social and environmental issues, and particular attention is placed on very small, and small to medium sized businesses (SMEs), with whom the Groupe works in a decentralized manner. Similarly, ‘ Supplier Diversity’ issues are dealt with differently depending on the country, and specific actions are implemented by our agencies.


  • CSR Report 2015

    12/31/2015 - CSR Report

  • UNGC COP 2015-2016

    12/31/2015 - Global Compact

  • Registration Document 2015

    12/31/2015 - Document de référence

  • CSR Procurement Guidelines

    12/31/2015 - CSR Charter

  • CSR Framework - Janus (Code of Ethics)

    12/31/2015 - Code of Ethics

  • Values - Janus (Code of Ethics)

    12/31/2015 - Code of Ethics

  • 2014 Registration Document – CSR Extract Chap 2.4

    05/24/2015 - CSR Report

  • CSR Report 2014

    05/24/2015 - CSR Report

  • Publicis Groupe Sponsorship Charter

    12/31/2014 - CSR Charter

  • UNGC COP 2013-2014

    08/28/2014 - UNGC COP

  • CSR Extract of the 2013 Registration document (chap1.4)

    03/13/2014 - CSR Report

  • CSR Report 2012

    05/24/2013 - CSR Report

  • CSR Report 2011

    05/24/2012 - CSR Report

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  • Publicis Groupe Sponsorship Charter

    01/01/2009 - Others

  • UNGC COP 2007-2008

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  • Publicis Groupe Principles and Values

    01/01/1994 - Others

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