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Maurice Lévy

Maurice Lévy

Chairman & CEO Publicis Groupe

Today, companies are experiencing considerable disruption: our clients are being asked to transform, and of course, we are being called on to evolve in an accelerating digital industry. And in an unprecedented phenomenon, consumers are demanding direct, transparent relationships with the brands they choose. Now more than ever, our businesses and activities must facilitate this dialogue.

"Sustainable consumption has now been widely acclaimed. This deep-rooted trend is great news in that it signals a positive shift in citizens / consumer behavior, a shift brought about by innovation and a deeply changed offering of products and services. Responsible communication now enhances the appeal and distribution of new products and services that are increasingly geared to compliance with social, society and environmental dimensions.

In the on-going digital revolution, the relationship between our clients’ brands and end consumers has never been as direect, as simple and as instantaneous as it is now. The powerful alchemy of creativity and technology that we propose via our Solutions Hubs must also include standards of responsible marketing that are more stringent concerning content, but also standards of transparency as regards practices and protection of personal data in particular.

Our Groupe is facing the same challenges as our clients, but with our more integrated structure - “The Power of One” - we want to go a step further. The challenge for us is to identify each and every component of what we contribute to the economy, to social issues, to society and the environment. Communications are ephemerous by essence, despite the fact that they build up brands for the long term. Integrated reporting will be an opportunity to demonstrate how our businesses are evolving over time and in terms of sustainable development.

The Groupe’s economic performance cannot be isolated from issues relating to our employees, society and the envirronment. The need to integrate sustainable development is not new, but it is gaining momentum. Our stakeholders are helping us with our priorities. For instance, social dialogue has taught us to be more demanding in terms of gender parity, and promoting women to positions of responsibility is a concrete example of this. Despite the fact that we are at the cutting edge of gender parity in our sector, we feel there is always room for improvement. The same can be said of diversity in general. We are keen to bring talent of all origins right up through the ranks. Our endeavors in the field of training via the EDP (Executive Development Program) and the projects coming out of the Publicis Academy all help us achieve these goals. Everything we do in all these areas strives to transform our staff’s expectations into achievements and behavior that will make a positive impact. The importance we attach to their professional fulfilment is an example of that. In terms of society and the community, our pro bono campaigns and the support we give to causes defending the general interest bear witness to our commitment to local communities wherever we operate.

In a context of low growth and pressure on costs, it is not easy to ensure we have the leeway we need, but every day we try to do a little more and little better. Our values are our guiding lights along the winding road of sustainable development. Thankfully, the Groupe has had strong humanist values for decades now : we believe in humankind and strive to act in its interests to the best of our ability."

Creation of sustainable value

Throughout its history, Publicis Groupe has focused its efforts on anticipating and building the future to ensure the creation of sustainable value in an ever-changing world. The recent transformation of the Groupe through “The Power of One” has orchestrated the most highly-integrated organisation in the industry. This has facilitated the integration of key CSR challenges within the day-to-day operations of Publicis Solutions Hubs.

CSR is a driver of innovation that paves the way for new models of cooperation and partnerships to accompany the development of our clients, our talents and the communities around us.


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