Corporate Social Responsibility


The Groupe’s motto is ‘Consume Less – Consume Better.’

Committed to the fight against climate change

In 2007, Publicis Groupe signed the UN’s « Caring for Climate » initiative, reflecting its involvement in the fight against climate change. Since 2008, its environmental policy has been focused on the motto Consume Less - Consume Better. To achieve this, the Groupe relies on four key themes, and takes annual stock of its greenhouse gas emissions to measure progress and adjust its actions accordingly.

  1. Reduce and limit impacts linked to employee journeys (use teleconference, use collaborative and alternative modes of transport…)
  2. Reduce consumption and improve energy efficiency by using economical materials, by making installations more intelligent, and by encouraging everyone to carry out eco-gestures.
  3. Significantly reduce the use of key resources, such as paper or water
  4. Establish widespread use of separate waste streams, including ad-hoc provision for IT and WEEE derived waste, and improving the sorting of waste so as to integrate the circular economy logic (or reduce volume).

Reducing our carbon footprint

In 2009, the Groupe joined the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), reinforcing its commitment to better assessing its environmental footprint along with its efforts to reduce it. Publicis Groupe is determined to improve its environmental impacts and help preserve resources and raw materials. Since 2009, the Groupe has produced an annual account of the greenhouse emissions of around 98% of its entities – an enormous challenge considering the decentralization of the Groupe.

*European policy ‘20-20-20’.: By 2020, greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced by as much as 20% in comparison with 1990, renewable energy must account for 20% of final energy consumption, and energy efficiency must be up by 20%.


  • CSR Report 2015

    12/31/2015 - CSR Report

  • UNGC COP 2015-2016

    12/31/2015 - Global Compact

  • Registration Document 2015

    12/31/2015 - Document de référence

  • CSR Procurement Guidelines

    12/31/2015 - CSR Charter

  • CSR Framework - Janus (Code of Ethics)

    12/31/2015 - Code of Ethics

  • Values - Janus (Code of Ethics)

    12/31/2015 - Code of Ethics

  • 2014 Registration Document – CSR Extract Chap 2.4

    05/24/2015 - CSR Report

  • CSR Report 2014

    05/24/2015 - CSR Report

  • Publicis Groupe Sponsorship Charter

    12/31/2014 - CSR Charter

  • UNGC COP 2013-2014

    08/28/2014 - UNGC COP

  • CSR Extract of the 2013 Registration document (chap1.4)

    03/13/2014 - CSR Report

  • CSR Report 2012

    05/24/2013 - CSR Report

  • CSR Report 2011

    05/24/2012 - CSR Report

  • UNGC COP 2010-2011

    12/05/2011 - UNGC COP

  • CSR Report 2010

    05/24/2011 - CSR Report

  • UNGC COP 2009-2010

    12/05/2010 - UNGC COP

  • CSR Report 2009

    05/24/2010 - CSR Report

  • UNGC COP 2008-2009

    12/05/2009 - UNGC COP

  • Publicis Groupe Sponsorship Charter

    01/01/2009 - Others

  • UNGC COP 2007-2008

    12/05/2008 - UNGC COP

  • Publicis Groupe Principles and Values

    01/01/1994 - Others

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