Corporate Social Responsibility


Publicis Groupe operates in a complex ecosystem. Consumers play a key role amongst our many stakeholders: they are the clients of our clients. Interactions are now direct, permanent and demanding! Consumers are also the citizens we work with directly when carrying out our societal commitments.

Data Protection

All of the Groupe’s agencies and solutions share the same requirements in terms of data protection. The policy review carried out in 2015 aims to be more exact in the face of continuous challenges brought about by technological advancement. Digital communication enables us to better understand interests, and facilitates more attractive and non-invasive communication. It is the combination of creativity and technological mastery, which enables to communicate efficiently.

Responsible and Sustainable Consumption

The communications industry is changing. While important ethical issues remain the same (respecting people, ensuring privacy, protecting personal data), the ways in which we respond to them are evolving, as are technological breakthroughs. The technology and creative choices we make must be a guarantee of responsibility, implementing the best possible communication activities that go beyond expectations, and have positive impact.

Create and Impact: Get involved

All of the Groupe’s agencies and networks share the same culture of commitment. Each agency is completely autonomous when it comes to choosing a close cause to support. The advantage? The proximity facilitates strong internal links. It’s a pragmatic approach: employees are encouraged to invest their talents in pro bono campaigns, to participate in volunteering initiatives or to engage through skill sponsorship.

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“Siew Fang, Last Day of School”

BBH Singapore for OrangeAid Singapore

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“Who runs NYC”

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“The Special Proposal”

Saatchi & Saatchi, Italy – Milan for World Down Syndrome Day

Human Rights

Our respect of Human Rights, means we have a "duty of care" wherever we operate.Our pro bono campaigns with organizations or causes related to human rights further illustrates our efforts on these topics, as does our involvement in many other activities, such as the Women's Forum of Economy and Society.


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