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Monohron Project - Street Art

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description: A new brand purpose. Any clothing brand's core purpose is to express one's identity. Cropp decided to go for the only true category - street wear - and enter a wild area of street art. Belief - Everyone has the right to self-express. Fuel - Growing popularity of street art as means for self-expression of young people. Purpose - Inspire young people to express themselves in the city. City Inspired Act - Cropp had to become a true Human Kind brand - we could not build credentials with Ads About street art, street artists - we had to create Acts WIith street artists with a positive purpose. First act was the engagement of two street artists - Krik & Riam - initiators of Monohrom Project. Their act was doing the "harmless graffiti" - video projections on walls of city buildings. G7 promoted the project and artists by initiating actions which became viral - animations on parliament and government buildings. The second part of the supervision of animated mini series "Pig Doctor" - was displayed in five Polish cities and in Czech Prague. The project is supported by a dedicated website www.monohromprojekt.net. The big final event was held in Warsaw on 16.05. "Pig Doctor's" final episode was displayed, visitors had the possibility to tag PKiN with a special laser. All was accompanied by a concert of Cool Kids of Death - Polish neo-punk-rock band. Response From the very beginning our act proved to be a breakthrough - the first act was widely commented in private, digital and public media (blogs, You Tube, public TV). The biggest achievement was the response from street artists - who applied to Cropp with ideas and requests for support. Cropp gained reliability among the street art crowd - and therefore among those who aspire and are inspired by street art. Results Webpage started 12.03.2009 Without any advertising support (only Youtube) Visits: 83 000 All movies (virals, mini series and making offs from displays in the cities): 150 000.

catégorie : Case Studies

segment de marché : Fashion : Clothing, Apparel, Accessories

client : LPP S.A.

marque/produit : Cropp Town

directeur de création : T. Wojciechowski & P. Cieminski

directeur artistique : Marcin Sosinski, T. Wojciechowsk

concepteur rédacteur : Pawel Cieminski

campagne pro bono : Non