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Smokeless Pans

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description: THE INSIGHT: In China, stir-frying in very hot oil is the most common cooking method. Unfortunately pans often overheat filling homes with thick unpleasant smoke. THE PRODUCT: Supor’s new range of “smoke-less” pans drastically reduces smoke pollution in your home by making sure the pan never gets too hot. THE IDEA: In chimney filled China, we selected a factory in the center of Shanghai, that was about to de-commission one of its chimneys, and installed an enormous Supor Pan replica on top, together with the line “Supor smokeless pans”. RESULT: The installation is planned to continue for a month, but it has already caused such a stir, that Supor are now in negotiations with a number of other inner city factory owners across China, to see if they too will allow them to stop the smoke coming from their chimneys, with one of their new smokeless pans.

catégorie : Other

segment de marché : Home Appliances

client : Zhe Jiang Supor Co Ltd

marque/produit : Supor

directeur de création : -

concepteur rédacteur : -

campagne pro bono : Non