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Me and My Depression: Peggy

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description: For millions of Americans being treated for depression, an antidepressant helps, but it isn't enough. They become stuck. They don't want to switch medicines and risk losing the progress they've made. They accept less for fear of losing more. Adding ABILIFY offers a way to build on the successes towards more complete resolution. Our campaign tells the stories of people and their relationships with depression. We show how people developunique and personal ways of relating to the condition, often using compelling visual metaphors. We bring these stories to life using animation, which really helps people to see themselves in the characters. Whether they see their depression as a dark hole, a ball and chain, or a bathrobe, each story shows a different person and their own road to better treatment with ABILIFY.

catégorie : Film / TV / Cinema

segment de marché : Healthcare & Medicine

client : Bristol-Myers Squibb

marque/produit : Abilify

directeur de création : Audrey Fleisher

directeur artistique : Charles Truett

concepteur rédacteur : -

campagne pro bono : Non