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Galaxy and the Golden Egg

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description: Other brands had previously used Angry Birds as a marketing vehicle, but those executions were separate versions of the game. As part of regular game updates of the software that everyone already has and are eagerly downloaded by its most devoted followers, Samsung became the first advertiser to integrate into the regular game itself. Hidden in many levels is a bonus “Golden Egg” that unlocks a secret Angry Birds level. In most cases, this is simply a newly designed level, but by finding ours, players were taken to a special galaxy level. This level featured never-before-seen “zero gravity” physics that introduced a completely new gameplay element to Angry Birds. The level was only minimally branded with an “SII” logo on one of environments destructible pieces to avoid completely intruding into the user experience.

catégorie : Case Studies

segment de marché : Telecommunications

client : Samsung

marque/produit : Galaxy SII

directeur de création : n/a

concepteur rédacteur : n/a

campagne pro bono : Non