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Black Stripe

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description: We negotiated with several TV stations to run a visual announcement during the most popular shows that were transmitted in the new 16:9 format. This announcement was micro-targeted: transmitted on the lower of the two black stripes that violated the picture on old 4:3 format TVs. Only people whose TV sets were not designed to receive the new widescreen picture would see our message. To make a stronger impact, we employed the Ukrainian second meaning of “black stripe”: a period in life when something bad is happening. The message was: “Do you see these black stripes? Most probably your TV set is outdated. Get rid of black stripes in life along with your old fashioned TV set. Comfy offers unique 30% discount for TV set line up”.

catégorie : Case Studies

segment de marché : Retail

client : Comfy

marque/produit : Furniture

directeur de création : -

directeur artistique : -

concepteur rédacteur : -

campagne pro bono : Non