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Media kit

  • AaBbCcDd

    ITC new baskerville roman

  • AaBbCcDd

    Gotham narrow

  • Publicis Black


    R33 G33 B41

    C77 M71 Y57 K69

  • Publicis Grey


    R231 G231 B231

    C8 M6 Y6 K0

  • Publicis Gold


    R157 G131 B62

    C36 M41 Y95 K10

  • Publicis Blue


    R22 G171 B224

    C73 M14 Y0 K0

  • Publicis Pink


    R217 G61 B122

    C9 M91 Y25 K0

  • Publicis turquoise


    R0 G176 B163

    C78 M4 Y44 K0

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