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Arthur Sadoun

Arthur Sadoun

Chairman & CEO Publicis Groupe

Our clients are today obliged to undergo radical transformations. This is an opportunity for our Groupe to become an indispensable partner in their transformation. We can only take on this challenge if we meet it ourselves, this is why we have placed the transformation of our business model at the heart of our priorities. Our talents bring this transformation to life, and their fulfilment is a condition of our success. New professions are being born, a new organization is becoming established, the Groupe wants to support everyone during this intense period. Publicis Groupe wants to reaffirm its ambitions: a worldwide marketing, communications and business transformation group, we are conscious of our responsibilities with regards to all our stakeholders. We wish to promote the highest standards in terms of diversity, transparence, governance, protection of personal data, sustainable consumption and health & well-being at work. Our ambition is to offer innovative solutions that reflect our values and therefore the positive impact for all of society.

Sustainable consumption has now been widely acclaimed. This deep-rooted trend is great news, as it is a sign of the positive evolution occurring in the behavior of citizen-consumers, and a profound change in the products and services being offered. Responsible communication is the diffusion of new products or services that respect social, societal and environmental dimensions. The relationships between brands and their clients has never been so direct, simple and instantaneous. The citizen-consumer has expectations in terms of content, transparency of working practices and protection of personal data

Creation of sustainable value

The transformation of the Groupe through “The Power of One” has orchestrated an organization where the activities are highly integrated. This has facilitated the integration of key CSR challenges within the day-to-day operation of our agencies. A driver for innovation, CSR can open the door to new models of cooperation and partnerships to accompany the development of our clients, our talents and the communities around us. Creating sustainable value has always guided the strategic evolution of Publicis Groupe.

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