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Advantages of Registered Shares:

Publicis Groupe shares in registered form are free from custody fees.
The only costs borne by holders of registered shares are stock market trading fees. These costs are notified to shareholders in the account agreement sent by Uptevia.
On an indicative basis, the costs communicated by Uptevia for stock market orders via internet on the OLIS-Shareholders Website or by the service of Investor Relations (email, fax, phone) are the following:

Registered shareholders automatically receive information published by the company (convocation to shareholders meeting, annual report…). In addition, registered shares will get double voting rights after two years of ownership.

Stock exchange operations Costs (Excluding Taxes)*
Stock Market Fees 0.30%
Minimum 10€

* percentage of gross amount of the transaction

How to Register Your Shares:

To register your shares, you need to download the form here and send it, duly completed and signed, to your current financial advisor.

Your advisor will then get in contact with Uptevia (formerly Caceis Corporate Trust), which manages the registered shares of Publicis Groupe SA.

This operation may generate a fee and we advise you to inquire beforehand with your financial advisor.

How to Sell Registered Shares:

You simply need to ask Uptevia which manages your Publicis Groupe SA shares to place your sale order (specifying your sale conditions).

You can also place your orders online via the Uptevia website by clicking on this link or download the order slip here.

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